Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I grow up

I recently joined Blogged, a brand new Australian blog network and this week the challenge was: When I grow up. Here goes...

In order of my mums memories...

First it was a Check out Chick, we went on a school excursion to our local woollworths and I discovered the joys of a register... Short lived dream.

Then it was a palaeontologist, guess what we were studying at school that term??

Ballerina- that one was slightly justified, I used to dance, Never in my life would I have been ballerina material though.

I then moved on to a Vet, after work experience I decided maybe a Vet nurse was more easily obtained so I went for that instead.

Now I just want to be a good mummy. I don't really care what brings the money in as long as I have my kids.

How things change...

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